Sedation Permit for Conscious Sedation

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Conscious sedation permits cannot be added at renewal due to the application and approval process ncessary to obtain the permit.  The requirements to obtain a conscious sedation permit include:

Completion of a formal training program that is sponsored by or affiliated with a university, teaching hospital or part of the undergraduate curriculum of an accredited dental school.

The applicant must be certified by the institution where the training was received to be competent in the administration of conscious sedation; and is competent to handle all emergencies relating to conscious sedation. Such certification shall specify the type, the number of hours, the number of patients treated and the length of training. The minimum number of didactic hours shall be sixty, which must include four (4) hours of airway management. Airway management must include emergency airway management protocols. Clinical training shall include personal administration for at least twenty patients including supervised training, clinical experience and demonstrated competence in airway management of the compromised airway. The program must certify that a total of three (3) hours of clinical training was dedicated to hands-on simulated competence in airway management of the compromised airway.

Personal Administration of Conscious Sedation: The board shall award credit towards the required 20 dental patients, if and only if, the applicant is responsible for and remains with the patient from pre-anesthetic evaluation through discharge. The evaluation and responsibilities include the following: pre-anesthetic evaluation, induction, maintenance, emergence, recovery, and approval for discharge. The board will not award credit for dental anesthetic procedures performed that are greater than or less than the administration of conscious sedation.

Please refer to our licensure page to view the requirements to obtain a conscious sedation permit.

Certified check or money order should be made payable to the Florida Department of Health

Renewal Fee$200.00

All dentists who hold an active sedation permit of any level must complete four (4) hours of continuing education in airway management and four (4) hours of continuing education in medical emergencies, every four (4) years from the last date the dentist took the continuing education course. The four (4) hours in airway management must include two hours didactic training in providing dentistry on sedated patients with compromised airways and two hours must include hands-on training in airway management of sedated patients. The continuing education must be taken through a board approved continuing education provider. The continuing education required by this subsection will take effect on March 1, 2014. The continuing education required by this subection may be included in the thirty (30) hours required by Section 466.0135, F.S.

Florida Statutes

Section 466.017: Prescription of drugs; anesthesia.

Florida Administrative Codes

Rule 64B5-14: Anesthesia