Teaching Permit

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Dental Teaching Permits do not expire. For continuing education requirements, please review the CE tab.

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No additional fee is required.

Continuing Education (CE) Requirements

To locate board approved CE Courses for this profession, please click here

General Hours0Teaching Permit holders are exempt.
Medical Error2
Domestic Violence2Due every third biennium.
HIV/AIDS2Due for the first renewal only.
Current CPR Certification0Required to have a current CPR Certification and it must be a live course.
Prescribing Controlled Substances2Required for dentists who are registered with the United States DEA. Must complete prior to January 31, 2019 and each subsequent renewal. May be included as part of the 30 total hours required. Board approved courses are found at https://apps.cebroker.com/cs/courses/fl/dentist?sa=3313.


First Biennium Renewal: If you are newly licensed and renewing your license for the first time you are only required to complete 2 hours on Prescribing Controlled Substances and 2 hours of HIV/AIDS.

Teaching permit holders can record the mandatory continuing education courses in the Department of Health’s CE tracking system, CEBroker. To create your CEBroker account, visit www.cebroker.com.

Florida Statutes

Chapter 466: Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, and Dental Laboratories

Florida Administrative Code

Chapter 64B5: Board of Dentistry